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All training classes are designed to be fun and active to give puppies the best start possible, build confidence in your dog and help strengthen the bond between owner and dog.

I strongly stand by my slogan 'Force free, Fear free & Fun', only using positive methods.

I do not use "quick fixes" or aversive methods that cause pain or suffering.

The progress your dog makes is dependent on yours dogs learning capacity and abilities, environment, routine and how much time is spent implementing any training guidance provided.

Prepared Pups - 5 week group course £75

Early socialisation is one of the important  aspects of getting a puppy. Therefore, this 6 week course is designed to help socialise your puppy the right way and give them the best start, to ensure they grow into a confident adult. Classes are fun and active and include bonding activities, life skills and games; all using a positive approach to set your puppy up for success.    

* Suitable for puppies up to 5 months old - Sessions are 45 minutes each week.

* Full payment is required 1 week prior to the course start date to secure your place.

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The Clays Canine Skills Club

The club offers a range of courses for owners and their dogs, such as canine rally, scent work and beginners agility. We wanted to offer something for everyone, that was inclusive of all ages, breeds and abilities. Whether you are looking for a low impact sport like Rally, have an interest in scent work or need something a little more challenging for your high energy dog such as agility, The Clays Canine Skills Club is the place to be. 

Benefits include;

*Improves your dogs obedience

*Its fun and can strengthen your bond

*Improves your dogs owner focus and impulse control around distractions

*Its inclusive of all ages, breeds and ability

*Provides enrichment and can meet breed specific needs

Please join the Facebook group to keep up to date with what's on and course dates. 

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Home visits - From £70 - £120

If a group class or attending the venue is an unsuitable option, home visits are also available. These can cover a range of topics from manners, impulse control, owner focus, recall, loose lead walking and general obedience. Or you may just want some help with setting up the right environment for your new puppy or dog, advice on crate training, toilet training or managing multidog households. All training implemented uses positive and reward based methods. After a home visit you will be provided with a tailored training plan. It is down to the owner to implement the training plan. You will have access to text/email support up to 3 months after your visit. 

Travel time/expenses;

-  Within 0-5 miles of PL26 7QW - £0

- Within 5 - 10 miles of PL26 7QW - £5

- Within 10 - 15 miles of PL26 7QW - £10

- Within 15 - 20 miles of PL26 7QW - £15

* Suitable for any age

* Home visits require a £20 non refundable deposit  upon booking.

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Terrible Teens & Awkward adults- 5 week group course £75

Adolescents can be a challenging time for both owner and dog. During the adolescent phase of development many dogs appear to forget all they have learnt, many also experience a fear phase which can often leave owners feeling worried and frustrated. This 5 week course is designed to be fun and active, building confidence and strengthening the bond between owner and dog. Sessions cover a range of topics such as owner focus, manners, and impulse control. Positive and reward based methods are used to give your dog the best experience. 

* Suitable for dogs aged 5 months plus - Sessions are 1 hour each week. 

* Full payment is required 1 week prior to the course start date to secure your place. 

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1 to 1workshops/courses £135

This service is aimed at those who may feel a group setting is not suitable for them or their dog.  

Available courses

  • Loose leaders - 3 x 1 hour workshops.

  • Prepared Pups foundation course - 3 x 1 hour workshops, suitable for puppies up to 5 months. 

  • Terrible teens foundation course  - 3 x 1 hour workshops, suitable for any age. 

Sessions are booked 2 -3 weeks apart to allow time for practicing and implementing training in between. ​

Home work and guidance is emailed after each session. 

  • One off workshops are also available if you are just looking for a training top up, or you just want to work on one particular topic such as manners, impulse control, recall, owner focus and obedience  - £45.


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Dog walking service.

We understand life can be busy at times and owners may need some help ensuring their dogs get enough exercise and enrichment. We offer group walks for dogs who love to socialize with others and solo walks for those who prefer some one on one attention. 


  • Early birds walk 10am - 12pm - £18

  • Late risers walk  1pm - 3pm - £18

  • Eager beavers walk 10am- 3pm -  £28

  • Solo walks - £16 p/h available before 9am and after 4 pm.   


Group training courses and one to one training/workshops are held in my secure paddock in St. Dennis, Pl26. Please use the link below for directions

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