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Dog Training in
St Austell

Are you looking for top-notch dog training classes in St. Austell? Look no further than Fran's Best Friend! I am your go-to expert in transforming rambunctious pups into well-mannered, obedient companions.


Expertly Designed Dog Training Classes

At Fran's Best Friend, I believe that every dog has the potential to be a well-behaved man's best friend. I am a highly skilled and compassionate trainer who provides exceptional dog training classes that cater to your furry friend's unique needs and personality.


My comprehensive dog training classes in St. Austell address various aspects of dog behaviour and obedience. From basic commands to advanced skills, I cover it all!

Enhance Your Dogs Basic Commands

I understand the importance of an attentive dog; my training classes allow you to work on developing recall commands and following cues with the distraction of other dogs. My dog training class will help to build your bond with your dog so you're their whole focus and they are obedient to your commands. I will guide the training and ensure a positive and enriching experience for every participant.


I am a passionate and certified dog trainer; with extensive experience working with a wide range of dog breeds and temperaments. With my expertise and positive reinforcement techniques, we'll help you build a strong bond with your canine companion while achieving remarkable training results.


Join Our Dog Training Classes Today!

Don't let behavioural issues get in the way of a harmonious relationship with your dog. Enrol your furry friend in Fran's Best Friend dog training classes in

St. Austell today!


Together, we'll bring out the best in your dog and create a lifelong friendship based on trust and understanding.

Call us at 07794360108 or email us at to learn more and book your spot today! Your dog deserves the best, and Fran's Best Friend is here to make it happen.

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