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Reactive dogs

Does your dog bark, lunge or growl at other dogs?

Are your walks stressful?

Or do you avoid walking your dog altogether?

Is your dog a frustrated greeter, lunging to greet every dog or person they see?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the Reactivity Specialist course is for you !

Reactivity Specialist course - £150

* Free initial telephone consultation

* 3 one to one in person sessions

* Written training plan provided after each session

* 3 months text/email support once you finish the course

*Free Brain Games enrichment Ebook

*The course is tailored to each individual dogs needs

Dog reactivity can be a challenging, stressful and isolating problem, which often leads to owners feeling frustrated, upset or even angry with their dog. As a result the bond and relationship can be impacted and in some cases the dog is rehomed or surrendered to kennels. 

If  you need help with your reactive dog and want to work towards rebuilding your relationship and begin to enjoy calm and enjoyable walks, then the Reactivity Specialist course can help. 

As a dog lover and certified trainer I have undertaken further education to specialise in dog - dog reactivity.

Reactive dogs are often misunderstood and labeled as aggressive, which is rarely the case. Often these dogs are fearful, resulting in being extremely stressed and anxious on a daily basis. Can you imagine living in a constant fearful state?


 It is therefore my passion to help as many reactive dogs as I can. 

By enrolling on the Reactivity Specialist course you will be able to improve your dogs behavior, increase their confidence and yours, repair your relationship, and work with your dog in a safe environment. Not to mention be fully supported and guided though your journey. 

*I strongly stand by my slogan 'Force free, Fear free & Fun', only using positive methods.

*I do not use "quick fixes" or aversive methods that cause pain or suffering.

*The progress your dog makes is dependent on your dogs learning capacity and abilities, environment, routine and how much time is spent implementing any training guidance provided.

* Reactivity requires a minimum of 3 sessions to cover all of the course content.


*In some cases an additional 1-2 sessions may be required. this is dependent on each individual dog.

* Additional sessions are booked at the end of your Reactivity Specialist course and are paid individually, so you are able to book as many or little as needed with no commitment. 

* A £30 deposit is required upon booking the course and the balance can be paid in installment over the 3 in person sessions. 

* Additional sessions require a £10 deposit upon booking. 

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