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Dog walking with Fran's Best Friend




Hi, I'm Andy, the dog walking element of Fran's Best Friend - Dog Training. 

My background is mostly in the military, so I love the outdoors, rain or shine. I am an experienced dog owner with 3 furry friends of my own, so I understand how important your dog is to you. 

I also have experience in the dog training sector, as Fran's right-hand man. I regularly assist with dog training sessions, giving me an in depth understanding of dog behavior and handling skills to manage dogs safely.  

Qualifications & CPD

IMDT Professional Dog Walking Certified


Canine First Aid Trained 


Dog Law Trained


Fully Insured through Protectivity




Early Birds Walk
10 am - 12pm

A morning group walk with up to 4 other dogs; great for dogs who like to get out and burn off energy straight from their bed and for owners who are up early for work. Let us take away the stress of worrying when your dog is left home alone. Your dog will return home happy, content and ready for a nap until you return.  

*Suitable for dogs who are people/dog friendly. 


Late Risers Walk 
1pm - 3pm 

An afternoon walk with up to 4 other dogs; great for dogs who like a later to start to their day and for owners who work later shifts/long days, where finding time to walk your furry friend is a challenge. Let us worry about entertaining and fulfilling your dogs needs, so you can come home and relax after a long day at work. 

* Suitable for dogs who are people/dog friendly. 



Eager Beavers Walk
10am - 3pm

An all day adventure with up to 4 other dogs; perfect for those dogs who have lots of energy and love to explore and for owners who work long hours and are worried about leaving their dog home alone. Your dog will be living their best life; socializing with other dogs and exploring lots of different environments, to keep them happy, fulfilled, entertained and exercised. 

*Suitable for dogs who are people/dog friendly. 


Additional information. 


* To reduce travel time and ensure your dog spends as little time in the van as possible we offer pick up and drop off to the Clays Villages only.  This a approximately a 6 mile radius around St. Dennis, PL26. 

* A meet and greet is mandatory for all new clients, for both group walks and solo walks. This is to ensure we can provide you with the best and most suitable service. 

* All dogs must pass an off leash check. This is to ensure their safety. 

* During our adventures dogs may get wet and muddy. We will do our best to return them as clean and as dry as possible. 

Why Choose Us ?

We are based in the beautiful Clays area, with some amazing places to explore and adventure; Goss Moor, Castle N Dinas & The Clays Trails, just to name a few. It is these types of areas I utilize for our furry friends, to get the most fulfilment for them. We also have access to a half acre grass paddock, which is kitted out with fun activities such as  a sand pit and agility equipment. 


Dogs needs regular physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. However, we understand that many owners have busy lives which can make giving your dog what they need challenging. Our dog walking service can take the stress out of the situation to ensure your dog is happy, healthy and fulfilled. 


With our dog walking service, a walk is not just a walk. It is the dogs time to sniff, explore, adventure, play, burn off energy, socialize and build confidence.  

As well as meeting your dogs needs, safety is of top priority. We use appropriate equipment for walking and transporting your dogs. We aways carry a fully kitted first aid kit and have an emergency policy and procedure in place.  We carry out a free meet and greet for every new client, which includes an off leash and recall check. Don't worry,  if your dogs recall is not great: we can work on improving that. 

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