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Fran's Best Friend:
Your Partner in Puppy Training in St Austell!

Are you a proud new puppy parent eager to give your furry bundle of joy the best start? Look no further than Fran's Best Friend – your ultimate destination for expert puppy training!

Unlock Your Puppy's Potential

 At Fran's Best Friend, we understand that every puppy is unique. I am here to guide you through the essential puppy training journey. From puppy toilet training to crate training, I've got you covered! My tailored programs will ensure your puppy's growth, development, and happiness.


Bid farewell to messy accidents and say hello to a clean, hygienic home with my puppy toilet training program. With proven techniques and positive reinforcement methods, we'll teach your furry friend the art of potty training. Say goodbye to stained carpets and hello to a house filled with joy!


Create a haven for your pup with my specialized crate training program. A well-structured crate training plan provides your puppy with a cozy retreat and helps instill good behavior, preventing destructive habits. Let me guide you through the process, ensuring your pup feels secure and content in their den.


Fun and Interactive Puppy Training Classes in St Austell

Enroll your pup in one of my engaging puppy training classes and watch them blossom into a well-mannered companion. My classes are conducted in a supportive, positive environment, encouraging socialization and mental stimulation. Your pup will learn essential obedience commands and social skills.


At Fran's Best Friend, I believe a strong bond between you and your puppy is the foundation of a lifetime of happiness. I am passionate about fostering that connection by providing the knowledge, tools, and support you need to become the best pet parent possible.

Why Choose Fran's Best Friend?

  • Experienced trainer with a deep understanding of puppy behaviour

  • Customised training programs tailored to your puppy's unique needs

  • Positive reinforcement techniques that promote learning and growth

  • Engaging and interactive puppy training classes for 

  • Ongoing support and guidance throughout your puppy's journey


Get In Touch

Don't wait another day to unlock your puppy's full potential! 


Contact Fran's Best Friend at 07794360108 or email us at to schedule a consultation and embark on an unforgettable puppy training adventure in St Austell. 


Together, we'll pave the way for a lifetime of love, loyalty, and friendship.

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